Applications & Tools Overview

Blickfeld is developing several software tools, a library for communication with Blickfeld LiDAR devices, and drivers for the Robot Operating System (ROS).

Tool overview

  • LidarView is an open source program used to display point clouds and execute simple measurements. Blickfeld makes an expanded version of this program available to you that you can use to visualize live the LiDAR data collected by the Cube.

  • The WebGUI is used to display the status information of the Cube, to generate the scan patterns and to create the network configuration. You can also use it to restart the Cube and flash a new firmware.

  • The Blickfeld Recorder is used to record and convert point clouds. It supports the VTU format, among others.

Library overview

The Cube can be controlled via a programming interface (the so-called Blickfeld-Scanner-Library, BSL). It supports the C++ and Python programming languages.

ROS driver

This is a programming interface for applications that use the Robot Operating System (ROS/ROS 2).