Applications & Tools Overview

Blickfeld is developing several software tools, a library for communication with Blickfeld LiDAR devices, and drivers for the Robot Operating System (ROS).

Tools overview

  • The WebGUI is the primary control interface of the Cube. Since the Cube runs its own web server, there is no need to install additional software. Instead, the WebGUI can be accessed conveniently using a web browser from any connected computer. The WebGUI displays status information and allows configuring the scan pattern and the network settings. Furthermore, the integrated viewer enables you to view the point cloud directly inside your web browser and the recording feature lets you store the sensore the data to your computer. Additionally, the WebGUI is used for flashing firmware updates. With these, you always profit from the latest features and improvements.

  • The Blickfeld Recorder is used to record and convert point cloud data. Apart from Blickfeld’s own data format, it supports the VTU and CSV formats.

Library overview

The Cube can be controlled via a programming interface (the Blickfeld-Scanner-Library, BSL). It supports the C++ and Python programming languages.

ROS driver

This is a programming interface for applications that use the Robot Operating System (ROS/ROS 2).