The firmware view is used to upgrade the device firmware and provide information about versions of core packages. In this view, it is also possible to download a diagnostics report.

How to update


Only devices with firmware v1.17 or higher can be upgraded. Do not perform an upgrade if your device has an older firmware. See here for information on how to find out the firmware version of your device.

  1. Download correct firmware from

  2. Click on the “Select firmware update” button in the menu (see Dashboard). The current firmware version should be displayed.

  3. Click on “Firmware Update”.

  4. Select the firmware file downloaded in step 1.

Firmware will be installed and the device will reboot automatically. The installation process can take several minutes.

Diagnostics report

Create and download a diagnostics report. Click the button on the firmware view to initiate the generation of a diagnostics report. The resulting file should be available within minutes.

Please provide the resulting file to Blickfeld on request.


The current firmware version of the device is shown in the firmware view of the WebGUI.

Picture of the version in the firmware view

Additionally, the version can always be found in the footer of all WebGUI views.