Release v1.20


Only devices with firmware v1.17 or higher can be upgraded. Do not perform an upgrade if your device has an older firmware or if you are unsure which version is installed. Click here for information on how to find out the firmware version of your device.

The firmware release v1.20 introduces an IMU calibration functionality, new WebGUI features, and one bugfix.

IMU Calibration

With this firmware, we added a basic IMU calibration for the accelerometer. A calibration script for Python Python is now available with the Blickfeld Scanner Library.



Time Synchronization

With the previous firmware release v1.19, we moved the time synchronization API to the Blickfeld Scanner Library. With this release, we added configuration and status views to the WebGUI.


Additionally, a status card is now also available on the dashboard.


Responsive Design

The WebGUI is now responsive with respect to different screen sizes. All views including the viewer now automatically resize to the screen size of the device or the window. This improves the usability significantly with split screens and mobile devices such as tablets and phones.

The point cloud in the viewer can be interactively rotated and translated with touch displays.

The next image shows the WebGUI dashboard on a mobile phone:


WebGUI viewer in landscape mode using a tablet:



Frame Sizes

With this release, we fixed an issue with the number of points per scanline. Because of a rounding issue, the device recorded horizontal.fov / pulse.angle_spacing pulses instead of horizontal.fov / pulse.angle_spacing + 1 pulses.

Because of this, all firmware releases below v1.20 shifted each scanline by pulse.angle_spacing / 2, which resulted in a slightly smaller total horizontal fov of horizontal.fov - pulse.angle_spacing.