Release v1.25


Only devices with firmware v1.17 or higher can be upgraded. Do not perform an upgrade if your device has an older firmware or if you are unsure which version is installed. Click here for information on how to find out the firmware version of your device.


Vertical FoV [v1.25.0]

A bug that occurred when operating the scanner with small vertical field-of-view has been fixed. This issue caused a point cloud distortion that would increase during the first 15 minutes of operation.

Cube Range [v1.25.0]

Some scanner and laser parameters for Cube Range 1 have been improved and updated.

Web GUI [v1.25.1]

  • A bug that caused DNS server settings to be permuted upon applying a change has been fixed.

  • The WebGUI is now also functional if the app was redirected to other ports (instead of the default port http/80), e.g. when using an ssh tunnel.

Scan Pattern [v1.25.4]

  • The interleave scan pattern is now correctly applied in the upper half of the field of view.

  • A center scan line at zero degrees vertical deflection has been added o the frame mode “Only Up”.

Stability [v1.25.5]

  • An overrun issue has been fixed that could cause devices to enter into an error state in rare cases.

Compatibility & Hardware Revision [v1.25.7]

  • An issue that could cause the error “found no suitable protobuf version” while building the Blickfeld Scanner Library from source has been fixed

  • Support for a new hardware revision has been added.

Bugfix & Auto phase offset adjustment [v1.25.10]

  • The averaged IMU acceleration values in the status message are now scaled correctly. The IMU actual data stream was not affected by this problem and remains unchanged.

  • A new method for auto-adjustment of the horizontal phase offset has been introduced for newly produced devices

Bugfix for auto phase offset adjustment [v1.25.12]

  • An issue with the automatic adjustment of the horizontal phase offset has been fixed.

Bugfix for WebGUI Point Cloud Recording [v1.25.13]

  • A dependency issue in the WebGUI backend has been fixed. It caused a failure of the backend server when a recording is started.

Bugfix for WebGUI Diagnostics [v1.25.14]

  • A dependency issue in the WebGUI backend has been fixed. It caused a WebGUI disconnect during the diagnostics download.